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VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Business Websites

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Thanks for taking the time to stop by. VTG Business Group is a Web Design and Digital Marketing Services agency. We specialize in solutions for Small Business owners and operators. Our passion is to help them find new customers and grow sales. As we discover information that looks like it could be beneficial to our clients and friends, we will post it here. You can make sure you never miss an article by joining our mailing list. As you are aware, the internet changes faster than we could ever post about it, but we try to keep relevant issues covered on our blog. If we can help you directly, please reach out to us on our contact link from the top menu. Categories we post to include:

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FAQ's About The Web

It’s pretty big… Google estimated back in 2010 there were 5 million Terabytes of data.

As of 2018, at least 5 billion webpages exist. that’s Huge..!

There are in excess of 2 billion websites in existence today. And, over 5 million blog posts are published every single day.

Buckle your chinstrap because this gets mind-numbing… Facebook has over 2.3 BILLION users; That’s about half the earth’s population.

And Instagram has 95 million photos uploaded every day.

The first email was sent all the way back in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson, a programmer who invented the email system. Sadly, he said he forgot the exact content of his first message.

Fast forward to today and 250 Billion eMails are sent out each day. It shouldn’t surprise you that 200 billion of those are “spam” and not sent by humans at all.

The first website is still in existence today. It was info.cern.ch . The site was written with the first version of HTML.

Not to be outdone, YouTube has over 400 hours of video uploaded every minute… That’s a lot of cat videos!

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