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Web Marketing Tips & Musings For Small Business Operators

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. VTG Business Group is a Web Design and Digital Marketing Services agency. We specialize in solutions for Small Business owners and operators. Our passion is to help them find new customers and grow sales. As we discover information that looks like it could be beneficial to our clients and friends, we will post it here. You can make sure you never miss an article by joining our mailing list. As you are aware, the internet changes faster than we could ever post about it, but we try to keep relevant issues covered on our blog. If we can help you directly, please reach out to us on our contact link from the top menu. Categories we post to include:

Local Marketing Tips

Small Business Websites For Online Sales

LOCAL MARKETINGSmall Business Websites Help Grow Online Sales Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington TexasMay 5, 2016There are still small businesses that have yet to recognize the importance of a responsive website to a successful search engine optimization...

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2016 Local Marketing Trends

LOCAL MARKETINGKEEP AN EYE ON INSTAGRAM...Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington TexasMay 5, 2016Mid year is a great time to begin considering your goals for 2017 and reviewing your year-to-date online performance. To help you do that, here is a web trend update....

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Email Marketing

LOCAL MARKETINGEmail Marketing TipsVan Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington TexasMay 1, 2016We can help you create targeted Email marketing campaigns for each segment of your audience. Publish content and news about your product or service and attract new customers in...

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Reputation Marketing Strategies

Reputation Strategy For Local Business

Have You Implemented An Online Reputation Management Strategy?Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington TexasMay 5, 2016First you created a business plan before starting your local company, right? You probably outlined strategies for growing revenues. I’m sure that...

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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Use SEO To Increase Business

SEOSo What is SEO and Do I Need It?Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington TexasMay 5, 2016Search Engine Optimization is the name given to the task of promoting a particular webpage and improving the position it achieves on a search page anytime a searcher looks for...

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Company Branding and SEO

BUSINESS ADVICE, SEOHave You Implemented An Online Branding Strategy?Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington TexasApril 25, 2016SEO is not an exact science. This becomes apparent when trying to incorporate both SEO and branding into a strategy. This process is...

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Strategic Use of Images in SEO

REPUTATION MARKETINGUse Images Strategically For SEOVan Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington TexasNovember 17, 2014When assessing page structure and layout, there is a subtle, yet strategic way to use images in an SEO-friendly manner (beyond ALT tags) that improves...

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Video Marketing

Youtube Video Marketing Tips For Business

Harness The Power Of Youtube and Grow Your BusinessVan Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington TexasMay 2, 2016Yes, youtube can be used for things other than cute cat videos and dancing babies. If you keep a few very simple tips in mind you can make your next Youtube...

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You Can Tell A Compelling Story With Video

LOCAL MARKETING & WEB DESIGNMake Sure Your Video Has A PurposeVan Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington TexasMay 2, 2016Remember back to high school English class, when you learned about the elements of a story; there’s an introduction, dispute, climax, and resolution....

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05 Web Design

9 Design Tips For Your Next Website

Small Business Web Design Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington Texas April 23, 2016 9 Design Tips to Keep In Mind On Your Next Website There are very few hard & fast rules for web design these days. However, keeping in mind some basic tips can make it...

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Checklist For Small Business Web Design

LOCAL MARKETING & WEB DESIGNDallas, Fort Worth, Arlington Web DesignVan Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington TexasMay 5, 2016We get all kinds of design and marketing requests that cover just about every topic you can think of. At some point, it almost always leads...

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Web Design Impacts Your Local Business

LOCAL MARKETING & WEB DESIGNFind The Right Web PlatformVan Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington TexasMay 2, 2016Templates, strategies, content, etc. The list goes on forever. But for most small business operators, it’s easy to get lost in analysis-paralysis. It seems...

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