Digital Design & Marketing For Small Business

VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Digital Designs



Digital Design & Marketing For Small Business

VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Digital Designs

Arlington Texas Web Design And Digital Marketing Solutions.

VTG Helps Your Digital Marketing Take Flight.

With a broad background in Web Design & Marketing Services, VTG Business Group is an Arlington Texas Web Design and Digital Marketing company. Above all, VTG helps small businesses increase online visibility, build their brand and grow sales. Our Team can help you stand apart from your competitors and gain visibility on major search engines.

Great Digital Solutions

With VTG, you can improve your results your local market. Whether it’s building a Web site, designing a video marketing campaign or utilizing Social Media, VTG helps you maximize your exposure to new customers while working within the budget you have to invest. This will help you reach your entire target audience as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you want to improve your sales or grow your customers, we can help you drive those results. We will help you turn your local visitors into committed customers. Reach out today for an in depth discussion of how we can help you grow your local company. Call us today at 682-226-7190.

We've Got Your Digital Marketing Web Design SEO Covered

Digital Services From VTG Business Group

Great Web Design

VTG creates fresh websites optimized for mobile devices. We build to the the highest industry standards.

VTG Web Design

  • Market Analysis/ Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research:
  • Customized WordPress CMS
  • Built To Best-Practice Standards
  • Mobile Optimized Design
  • SEO Image Optimization
  • SEO Optimized Website Build
  • Schema
  • Blog Integration
  • Robots.txt / Sitemap Files
  • Google My Business
  • PalPal/Stripe
  • Social Media
  • SSL Certificate
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Social Media Covers
  • Contact Forms
  • Design Revisions
  • Custom Logo Designs
  • Professional Stock Photos


Many businesses lose hundreds of potential new customers due to poor SEO. Is your website among them?​


SEO Research and Analysis

As SEO professionals, VTG will audit of your current situation and rankings to develop a plan of action to improve your SEO and get you the results you need. The great thing about SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) is it is highly measurable.

  • Perform Advanced Keyword Research
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Website Optimization
  • Review & Optimize Permalinks
  • Optimize Title Tags
  • Optimize Meta Tags
  • Include Relevant Buying Keywords to Your Homepage
  • Optimize Your Content Correctly
  • Maximize Keyword Density
  • Structure Calls-To-Action Effectively
  • Optimize Your Images (alt tags, title tags, captions)
  • Correctly Optimize Scripts & Plugins (WordPress)
  • Optimize Your Category Structure to Improve Your On-Page SEO
  • Provide You With Off Page SEO Action Plans

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a vital part of successful local online marketing. VTG makes it a profitable centerpiece of your marketing.

Video Services From VTG:

There are three distinctly different ways you can use video in order to maximize your brand presence and grow sales. Call us today and we can explain what they are. We will help you connect your audience with your brand stories by producing powerful content.

  • Animated videos
  • Client Testimonial Video
  • Corporate Videos
  • Crowdfunding Videos
  • E-commerce Product Video
  • Explainer Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • How-To Videos
  • Instagram Ad Campaigns
  • Instructional Videos
  • Kickstarter Video
  • Law Firm Videos
  • Product Highlight Videos
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Web Videos

Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing is no longer optional if you really want to compete for local traffic and customers. 

Reputation Marketing From VTG:

Reputation Marketing is controlling how potential new customers view your business online. Don’t let your reputation “just happen” to you. You know that the most likely people to leave a review are those that are unhappy. VTG can help you take control and add more 5 star reviews to your Reputation naturally and organically.

  • Conduct business reputation analysis
  • Research websites with negative entries about your brand
  • Perform keyword analysis of negative websites
  • Monitor your online brand
  • Monitor social media channels
  • Monitor web forums
  • Monitor relevant web blogs
  • Relevant article creation and posting to counter negative sentiment
  • Link-building campaign created to new articles, blogs and websites
  • Create review videos and post to relevant social media channels
  • Create outlets for negative customer feedback before it’s posted online
  • Monitor Online Reviews
  • Collect Online Reviews
  • Share online reviews

Lead Generation

You probably do great with customers once you make contact. But what about the ones you never were able to reach? 

Lead Generation Services

VTG helps local companies gain new clients by reaching qualified prospects interested in their particular product or service. How much potential revenue did you miss in your local market? This is where Lead Generation come in. VTG Business Group works with local companies to help them drive more top line sales growth by making their phone ring with fresh leads.

We bring prospects to our clients through Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Our client base includes personal injury lawyers, plastic surgeons, dentists and other personal service businesses who want to connect with more new clients. Some of the strategies we use include social media management and marketing, retargeting, display advertising, and influencer advertising.

  • Personal Injury Attorneys
  • Dentists
  • Cosmetic Dentists
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • CPA's & Financial Planners
  • Residential Electricians
  • Plumbing Companies
  • Pest Control
  • Home Improvement Pro's

Social Media Marketing

In 2020, Social Media is crucial. Without an effective strategy, your efforts may fall through the cracks.

Social Media Services

Social media is an effective way to broadcast your brand message to a large audience at a
fraction of the cost of traditional marketing strategies. In the digital world of 2020, Social Media is here to stay and is your most indispensable marketing strategy. These channels are revolutionizing the way in which we interact, not only with other people but also with businesses, products, and services. It has become the most powerful way to reach your audience.

VTG Helps By:

  • Attracting New Consumers
  • Driving Awareness
  • Increasing Engagement
  • Managing Social Media channels
  • Establishing marketing campaigns
  • Grow your social networks
  • Engage your social community
  • Amplify your brand’s reach
  • Create effective social media campaigns
  • Utilize Influencer Marketing

Your business’ social sites need to provide a comfortable environment where current and potential customers can interact with your brand in a more indirect and friendly way. Your social media messaging should be informative and inviting but not too pushy when it comes to communicating your marketing message.

Logos & Branding

A logo is the first step to building a successful brand. It creates your identity and tells the story of who you are.

Logos & Branding

Some clients come to us in need of a logo only. We’re happy to undertake these projects; no request is too small for us. The VTG design approach follows the same careful process for projects of all sizes. We carefully consider the client’s business, target audience and performance goals to guide your logo design project.

Services Include:

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Direct Marketing Graphics
  • Promotional Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Product Launch Campaigns

Striking the right chord with your company’s logo is a critical first step. Choosing the right company logo design has not only become more important than ever but also more challenging due to the sheer volume of logos out there and the ongoing need for originality.

Ad Graphics

Whether we admit it or not, people do form an opinion of your business based on the graphic design

Ad Graphics

Graphic Design determines whether a company gets noticed or not!

You need to have a graphic design company that has an in-depth understanding of your company and how it fits in to your market. This enables you to market your message in a unique, noticeable way. Visual components of your brand are absolutely critical in both digital marketing campaigns and print marketing. VTG Business Group provides a full range of graphic design services to our clients.

Services Include:

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Digital Ads
  • Business Cards
  • Web Graphics

Your graphic design creates the perception of your business and involves all that you do and value. It’s the core concept of who you are as a company and connects you to your target prospects. Let VTG help you create the graphic design that your company deserves.

Sales Funnels

VTG helps you assemble a set of digital tools that automatically drives more prospects to  you every day.

Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels Mean Business

All business operators need to focus on their sales funnel. Simply put, the more effort that you put into shaping your sales funnel, the more money your business is going to earn. Of course, without experience, creating an efficient sales funnel is difficult; This is where VTG can help.

Services Include:

  • Website Chatbots
  • Facebook Messenger Marketing
  • eMail Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Smart Forms
  • Social Media Quizzes

Want help crafting a successful sales funnel? VTG can answer any questions that you may have and shape a sales funnel that produces great ROI!

Demand High Standards

No matter who the client is, every design VTG completes has a few things in common. Not because they are easy but because they are the right things to do. They form the foundation of a highly functional web design project. After all, this is your website and company we’re presenting to the world.

VTG Business Group Has Been Published In Major Digital Publications Across the U.S.

Something Missing..?

If Your Website Is Missing A Few Things, We Can Help! Reach Out Today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Your website represents you and your brand online and should be updated frequently. In fact, websites that are not updated regularly are very likely to under-perform when compared to sites that are updated regularly.

Without any updates, your site is less of a website and more of an online brochure.

So, think of getting a “link” as getting a good reference. Just like it’s harder to get good references from very important people, it’s harder to get links from very important sites. The more credible they are, the harder it is to get linked.

VTG uses a number of ways to help our clients get links; they include influence Marketing, social media and other content marketing methods. 

Call us and let’s discuss. Depending on your particular business and the market niche you are in, we will be happy to outline some specific strategies to help you.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of using “on-page,”  “off-page,” and social relevancy strategies to help get your website presented by a search engine higher up in the list. When done correctly, SEO increases the amount and quality of your site visitors.

The first question most people ask is “can I afford Video marketing?” Of course, in the real world, you have to take into account the costs for your company campaigns so that you can keep the lights on. Video marketing is generally not overly expensive unless you start buying massive amounts of ad space across the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. VTG will work within your budget to help you create an effective video marketing tool.

On the other hand, if you prefer to have high-quality videos with lots of custom animations, then better prepare a sizeable budget for that. At the end of the day, the cost varies from one company to another, depending on the goals established for the creation & use of the videos.

Yes; Absolutely. There are literally too many benefits to mention. People (customers) expect you to be on Social Media. In fact, more and more customers communicate directly with brands through Social Media.

Interactive content is anything on your website that asks for, or changes with interaction from a site visitor. We build lots of small “micro-interactions” into each page because it boosts your conversion rates. And more conversions means more sales.

Email is, indeed, alive and well. It’s still more popular than any social media site. Many people rely on it because it’s more private and more personal.

Do you know anyone that doesn’t check their email inbox multiple times each day?

If you want to reach prospects directly who give you permission to market to them, email is essential.

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