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VTG Business Group isn’t just another web design & digital marketing agency; we’re a boutique style agency built on trust, expertise, and dedication. Situated in the heart of Arlington, Texas, our roots go deep into understanding the unique needs of service companies and small businesses vying for a competitive edge in bustling local markets. Founded in 2013 by Van Glass, VTG Business Group committed to hard work and perseverance. Above all, we believe that every digital project must deliver concrete results.

Who's Drivin' This Train?

Van Glass

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With a rich history in Corporate America, including affiliations with prestigious entities like Hilton Hotels and US Foods, Van combined his experience in Sales & Marketing with his first-love for all things digital. He’s committed to dedication and results. 

Van’s design philosophy is simple: “A website or digital asset, no matter how beautiful, has to produce results. If it doesn’t, then you don’t have a business asset, you have an art project”. 

Why Choose VTG: We Value People Over Projects

VTG is small, boutique style agency and proud of it! In a world chasing quantity, we embrace quality. Our choice to remain a small agency isn’t born out of limitation, but out of passion. We believe in nurturing long-lasting relationships, emphasizing personalized attention, and crafting bespoke digital solutions tailored for our clients.

We aren’t here to “churn & burn”  through projects. Instead, our ethos revolves around working alongside our clients, celebrating every milestone and embracing every challenge.

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