Reputation Matters To Small Business Owners

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Have You Implemented An Online Reputation Marketing Strategy?

Reputation management is important but it’s only the first step. Reputation marketing puts the power of social proof to work for your business. That’s why we recommend reputation marketing for any business that wants to position themselves as the clear market leaders according to consumers. We are the leaders in giving you the tools you need to market your online reputation making it one of the most powerful marketing tool in your strategy.

In today’s competitive marketplace every business wants the kinds of customer that already knows you, likes you and trusts you as if they were referrals. Reputation marketing is key to supercharging all your marketing efforts both online and off, driving more potential customers to your business with the social proof of reputation.

Reputation Management doesn’t make your business money; Reputation Marketing does. Imagine the power of adding social proof that other consumers already trust you, to your; Website, Facebook Page, Online Ads, Radio Ads, Television Ads, Postcards, Flyers etc. Reputation Marketing is about getting your satisfied customers to sell for you. We give you the tools and resources you need to:

Get your employees on the same page about the importance of reviews and asking for them at every opportunity.

Request five-star reviews from your most satisfied customers.

Get those reviews published online in places like Google + pages, Facebook pages, Yelp, Yahoo and more.

Consistently publish the best of your five Star reviews on your website and Facebook page where they can be seen by potential customers.

Include the social proof of your five-star reputation in all of your online and off-line marketing campaigns.

A regular flow of Five-star reviews from your satisfied customers is the type of content that influences potential customers to choose you over your competition. Nothing says you’re the best choice in the marketplace like a five-star reputation. Social proof of your trustworthiness is what a 5 star online reputation does for your business.

Marketing a 5 star reputation is the greatest opportunity there has ever been to gain the advantage over your competition and establish yourself as the clear choice and market leader among consumers where you do business. Doing nothing means inviting your competition to take that lead from you while you watch them do it.

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