VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Business Websites

VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Business Websites

Social Media Marketing

Let VTG Build Your Brand’s Presence Online.

Who Knew We Would Be Sharing Everything Online..? Social Media Marketing Is A Must-Do in 2019.

Your Customers Are On Social Media More Than Anywhere Else.

You need a strong social media marketing strategy to compete for visibility and build your brand. VTG Business Group can help. We handle Brand Building, Monitoring, Management, and Posting. Let VTG Business Group help you maximize your onsite conversions, gain new customers and expand your reach on Social Media platforms. We help local comapanies maximize their digital reach with specific, tailored social media strategies. VTG helps you build a better social media presence and reach more followers.

Reduce The Noise & Engage More Customers

You already know that social media is a great platform to find and interact with consumers. But we are long past the days when just posting a random photo or status update will get the job done. We will help you strategize on what content should be posted and how often. Once your plan is in place, we can help you figure out how to get it done. Many of the Social Media tasks you need to stay on top of are not difficult, but they are time consuming. We can help you with some, or all of your Social Media chores to ensure your brand thrives.



We start at the beginning and help you define the audience you want to reach. This ensures your campaigns head in the right direction. together we determine the best strategies to reach them. We customize your strategy around what works best for your particular situation.



Once the strategy is clear, we help you define who can help. If you have staff that want to be involved, great! If not, then we get the job done for you. We outline tasks and track their progress. We will ensure they are laser focused on your business objectives.



We help you find and present content in a way that adds value and impresses the original source. By sharing valuable content that people haven’t seen so you become the go-to source to find the best content on your topic. To build brand awareness and grow a following, you want to become a trend analyst.



Some content should be specifically created. This is especially true for your most important channels. We then syndicate that data to any ancillary social media channels you want to cultivate. We can also help with content curation to make sure your brand stays on-message.

Custom Social Media Graphics

We help you create and maintain a consistent brand image across any Social Media channel. Whatever size the post or ad, VTG will help you the same professional message. Want to do all the posting yourself? No problem; we can prepare all your graphics and store them for you in the cloud for you use when you need them. 

We will work with you to create a promotional and content calendar so that we can present new marketing messages on a monthly basis.

We can also support this with custom video messages and relevant posts.

Your customers and prospects will recognize your brand and be able to engage with your company.

Expect A Better Graphic Design

Regardless of who we are working with, we tackle each graphic design project the same way. We create each one to it’s highest standards. We do this because it’s the right thing to do, not the easy thing to do. After all, this is your graphic design project we’re presenting to the world.

We Know Which Book Your Facebook Page Is In…

And your Google, Twitter, LinkedIn & All The Rest!  Reach Out & Let’s Get Started On Your Dunderheads Today.

FAQ's About Social Media Marketing

Absolutely… And here’s why:

  • Just because you ignore Social Media does not mean Social Media will ignore your business!. Clients & prospects are leaving reviews of your services, or reading about reviews of your services everyday.
  • Plus, your new potential employees are checking you out to see if your the kind of place they want to work! Everyone checks Google before buying or going for an interview. Recent stats show 80% of  the population does that.
  • If Social Media engagement is done correctly it can help create brand loyalty and trust with your market. It helps move you away from “uncaring big company” to “real people”. Social Media shows that you are, indeed, human after all.
  • Social Media cranks up word-of-mouth awareness. People tend to listen & trust people. Make sure they are talking about you in a good way.

Most business operators waffle between wanting a Social Media Specialist and Not wanting to pay somebody “just to hang out online”. It might be helpful to first review what a Social Media Marketer should do:

  • Create & manage an editorial calendar; Schedule posts to hit at the best days & times for your business
  • Curate content (find & publish things that interest your target market)
  • Monitor for mentions of you or your competitors and the keywords most important to you
  • Engage with your clients and customers. A representative of your company should always reply to all comments, questions and especially reviews!
  • Establish an effective way to measure ROI for your business and review your analytics to help determine future strategy.

The short answer is probably not. In reality, you need to be wherever your customers & prospects are. Is should not surprise you that different businesses can have vastly different target audiences.

Some demographics may only engage with LinkedIn, preferring the more business oriented posts. Others may like Facebook for the highly social aspect. Still others may engage with multiple social media outlets on a regular basis.

So your first course of action is to find out where your customers spend their online time, and be there!

To find the social media marketing strategy that is right for you, you will want to find a balance between the needs of your target audience and your specific business objectives.

VTG likes to take an integrated approach to digital marketing, including social media. To be fully successful, your strategy will need to be in harmony with your other online strategies. 

Once you know how you can use social media to enhance your other online marketing efforts, you will have your starting point.

VTG knows if can be painful striving to always create great content. So, to simplify, keep these points in mind:

The content you create should do one of three things for your target audience:

  • It should educate your audience. Does your content help them reach a goal? What are the kinds of issues or frustrations they are dealing with?
  • It should Inspire your audience. Is your content likely to resonate with your audience? Can you elicit a positive emotion?
  • And my favorite, it should entertain your audience. When you entertain your audience, you capture their attention and make them want to visit your social media feed again!

So what’s the take-away? Create content geared for your audience and not just for the company you manage.

Well, if your customers have ever heard of the internet, then yes! No matter what industry you are in, effective outreach is critical. VTG has the expertise to understand your business, find and grow your company a targeted following, and develop leads for your specific business.

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