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Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington Texas
May 2, 2016

Templates, strategies, content, etc. The list goes on forever. But for most small business operators, it’s easy to get lost in analysis-paralysis. It seems like there are too many conflicting ideas and options when considering a new or revised web design. Luckily, we can cut through the clutter and learn to focus on the major issues that need to be considered in web design for your business.

If you are going to keep an active role in the ongoing maintenance and update of your website, you will want a platform, or Content Management System, that is easy to operate. This applies whether you are building your new site, or hiring a professional web design company to handle it. The top two platforms for most operators are WordPress and Joomla. For this post, we won’t compare and contrast these CMS systems. Suffice it to say that one of these is probably what you are looking for. Once you pick your platform, then begin to consider themes, styles, etc.

Website Appearance matters.

Long gone are the days when you could throw up a black & white website with minimum visual appeal and expect anyone to find it. And even if they could, it won’t do your company any good unless visitors interact with your website. You need to create a visual appeal that matches your brand and your industry. For example, a Plumber’s website should look like it belongs to a service company, not a flower shop. A quick test is whether or not you can scan the website without reading and get a sense of who it belongs to. Most sites do OK in this regard, but some are way off the mark. Remeber that more is not always better.

Focus on your website user.

Your site has to be mobile friendly. I really consider this as part of your user experience. Some sites draw much more mobile traffic than desktop traffic. But regardless, every site needs to be responsive, or re-directed, to display well on smartphones. Your business website should be easy to navigate and arranged so that it makes sense to the user.

Web page Content matters.

Well written, fresh and relevant content is critical to a great performing website. Have other people you trust to read your content and make sure it fits and is relevant. You should do this before you post it. And then do it again after it is posted to see how it actually renders. Does your content break where it should? Is your spacing and typography appealing and appropriate? Do you have high quality images on your site?

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