Harness The Power Of Youtube and Grow Your Business

Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington Texas
May 2, 2016

Yes, youtube can be used for things other than cute cat videos and dancing babies. If you keep a few very simple tips in mind you can make your next Youtube project more successful than those of other local competitors.

Every successful YouTube project has 3 components: attract, keep, and monetize.

Essentially a video view is wasted unless it’s connected to some type of business purpose. Make certain each of your videos is linked to a measurable goal. Otherwise, you’re just sort of throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping something sticks.

Pre-roll and in-display ads are the cheapest way to earn massive views from a highly targeted audience.

In other words, virality requires a business plan. Online marketers are leveraging the power of paid ads to obtain virality and there’s nothing wrong with that. That viral videos are placed online and mysteriously seen by millions of people is a myth. It’s marketing, folks!

Removing a badly performing video can dramatically strengthen your channel’s overall ability to rank.

You might have an anchor on your channel. Videos with unsatisfactory watch time, thumb downs, or negative comments might indicate you’ve got a channel killer. Deleting it may enable your good vids perform even better!

Every video platform is distinct and calls for distinct storytelling techniques.

Repurposing material across systems is not a great idea. Do what works on YouTube for your YouTube videos and do what works on Facebook for Facebook videos. A multi-platform video approach is important if you wish to target the correct target market.

Over half of the top 10 celebrities voted by millennials are YouTubers. Audiences these days have shifted beyond traditional media.

If you’re serving an audience of millennials, then YouTube influencers are an exceptional way to reach them. Staying relevant to this generation has a lot do with knowing who is performing well in the online space.

Consistency & branding are the biggest factor in success on YouTube.

Use iconic symbols and catch phrases in your videos to build community. Most very successful Youtube channels use reoccuring jokes (or “bits”) into their channel to develop familiarity and affinity with their audience. This ordered approach to channel building builds a tight-knit community of involved fans.

People have rated YouTubers “as trustworthy” as people they already know.

Personalities tend to support any product that pays them while YouTubers are more discerning and specialized. YouTubers are not actors or models. They’ve built a career being transparent with their audiences and this realness makes YouTube a great place for brands to build trust within those audiences.

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