Wistia Video Hosting

Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington Texas
May 2, 2016

Wistia is professional video hosting for business. They help businesses add their videos to the web, track their performance, and find new ways to build and engage with their audiences using online video.

Unlike some other platforms out there like YouTube and Vimeo, Wistia is completely focused on helping websites use video with their online marketing efforts and track how it’s performing from a marketing perspective.

Wistia provides tools to: customize your video so it matches your overall web brand, increase website traffic through video SEO, and generate new, engaged leads for growing your business. We integrate with a slew of other systems, to make your online marketing efforts even stronger. Plus, we provide detailed analytics to help you know how to improve an existing video, or identify what content to make in the future.

Using Wistia means you maintain ownership and control over your content. We believe businesses that drive more viewers to their own website will see higher conversions. You’ll also look even better. We can’t validate that one, but it certainly seems to be true.

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