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Web Marketing Tips & Musings For Small Business Operators

Thanks for taking the time to stop. VTG Business Group is a Web Design and Digital Marketing Services agency. We specialize in solutions for Small Business owners and operators. Our passion is to help them find new customers and grow sales. As we discover information that looks like it could be beneficial to our clients and friends, we will post it here. You can make sure you never miss an article by joining our mailing list. As you are aware, the internet changes faster than we could ever post about it, but we try to keep relevant issues covered on our blog. If we can help you directly, please reach out to us on our contact page from the top menu.

Thoughts On Web Design & Digital Marketing

Over the next few days, you may notice our blog articles appearing or disappearing… This is not a poor magic trick! We are consolidating all our articles into a new platform. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and will work to get this completed as quickly as possible..!

Reputation Matters To Small Business Owners

REPUTATION MARKETING Have You Implemented An Online Reputation Marketing Strategy? Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington Texas May 3 2016 Reputation management is important but it’s only the first step. Reputation marketing puts the power of social proof to...

Video Marketing To Boost Your Local Presence

SEO Include Video Marketing In Local Marketing Solutions Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington Texas May 5, 2016 There are many reasons you should include some aspect of video marketing in your Local Marketing plan. Videos are more than just cute kittens and...

Web Design Impacts Your Local Business

LOCAL MARKETING & WEB DESIGN Find The Right Web Platform Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington Texas May 2, 2016 Templates, strategies, content, etc. The list goes on forever. But for most small business operators, it’s easy to get lost in...

Hey, Where Is Everybody?

If you’re waiting, but the customers haven’t found you yet, we can help. Once you decide you want better results in your local market, contact us. The rest is easy! Just reach out to us by Email, Phone, Skype, Smoke Signal, whatever works for you and we will get started immediately on helping you out-distance your competition in your local market & niche.

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