VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Business Websites

VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Business Websites

Local SEO Boost From VTG

If you just need a little “boost” to increase your traffic, get more leads & sales from your website, we can help.

Just $97.00 /per month
Fast Results – No Long term Commitment

Your Website Must Qualify To Receive This Service.

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What Is Local SEO Boost Service?

So it might help to think of SEO like a 3 legged stool. One “leg” would be your technical ‘on-page’ SEO structure like meta-tags & descriptions. The second “leg” would be your backlinks and overall linking structure. The third “leg” is your branded local search analytics. 

Using a proprietary system, we focus exclusively on one of these legs to improve your search ranking positions for your top keywords, up to 6. This service will “boost” at least one of your keyword phrases to page one of the search results for your niche in less than 90 days. 



Not All Websites Accepted


It may sound strange, but not everyone can be accepted. Using the ‘3-legged stool’ example again, the other two SEO legs need to be in relatively good shape before we can make progress on the third leg. VTG will simply not accept any client that we can’t help. Before accepting your order we must evaluate your website to see if it qualifies for this service.


If You Don't Qualify


If for some reason your website does not qualify, we will tell you what needs to be done so you can make any adjustments to qualify. Sorry, but we simply will not take on clients we can not help. At least you will get some top quality advice in case we are not able to accept your website at the present time.


Next Steps To Get Started


The next steps for us to get started would be to leave a little information. We will evaluate your site and your competitive environment and get back in touch with you by phone. During that free consultation, we will answer your questions and decide whether it’s in your best interest to move forward with our service. 

See If You Qualify

Take a second now and leave a little information. We will check your website and get back in touch with you ASAP and let you know if we can help.

VTG Performance Guarantee

We guarantee our Local SEO Boost Service will move at least one of your local keywords to page one of the organic search results within 90 days. In the rare case that it takes longer we will run the service free until we reach that goal for up to one year.

On average we get local keywords boosted up to page one in far less time that 90 days for sites that qualify but this is our minimum performance guarantee for your piece of mind.

Expect Excellence From VTG

While each client their project is unique, they all have a few things in common; Not because they are easy, but because they are the right things to do and form the foundation of an effective SEO campaign. After all, this is your business we’re presenting to the world.

We Got Better Advice..!

Don’t worry – We can help you with this online Internet stuff. Reach out & let’s get your SEO ship-shape today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Boost

Generally, when you hear someone referring to “Blackhat” SEO, it is referring to things that are in violation of Google’s terms of service or some copyright infringements.

You could think of “Blackhat” SEO as unhealthy shortcuts to try and “game” Google or Bing. Sometimes this works in the short term, but never in the long term. Once Google discovers your shortcuts, and they will, you could suffer a catastrophic penalty and even get de-indexed.

Absolutely not. VTG Business Group always operates within the guidelines of Google & Bing’s terms of service. We realize this is your business and we will not do anything that puts you in harms way.  As a reminder, we are an Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Well, this is a proprietary process that works within the terms of service of search engines like Google & Bing.

We can’t share exactly what the process is because our competitors would all copy it; But let’s just say we listen & read carefully what Google says that good websites should do, and we help you do more of that!

Yes. We won’t take on any projects where we can’t help. That’s how we have managed to keep our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

We have to make sure that the basic concepts of SEO are being followed so that our process can help you move up.

Most of the reasons for not qualifying are small, inexpensive, fixable things. But there are a few big red flags that are more problematic; those would be:

  • Bait & Switch Sites – Nobody likes “bait & switch” schemes… Not you, me or Google. So we won’t involve ourselves with those types of sites.
  • Any “Adult” category websites like Gambling, Dating, etc.  
  • “Thin” Content Sites – This would include sites with very little verbiage. Remember, it takes content for Google & Bing to figure out how to rank your site, so you can’t throw up one picture and 20 words & call it good. 
  • Poorly Configured Sites – Again, most issues are small & fixable. But if your site has lots of deep structure issues, those will have to be addressed first.

Check Your Google Ranking Now.

Just leave a little information and we will send you a free report of where your site ranks.
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