Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing Helps Consumers Find Companies They Can Trust. You Can Take Control And Use Reputation Marketing To Drive More Business.

Having a good reputation is only half the battle. If yours needs improvement, we can help. But if you already have a good reputation, we can show you how to leverage that hard work into more customers quickly. VTG Business Group has Reputation Marketing tools to build and market your Five Star Reputation.

Perception Is Reality

Make Sure You Benefit From All Your Hard Work

You and your family have probably spent a long time building and cultivating your business. You’ve invested a lot of money, effort and energy into it. Time with your family may have suffered because you have been toiling to build your local small business. You may even finally feel like you can take a deep breath and relax… Until the time that the new prospects and customers stop coming in and the phone calls slow to a crawl. Many small business owners have found themselves in this position and didn’t have a good explanation why that situation arose. You and your Manager’s continue to make sure that you are still providing great service and your previous customers still love you, but your operation is beginning to struggle.

Ultimately, you find out from an existing, loyal patron that your business has had some negative reviews posted online. Now you begin to see that your online reputation is showing a skewed perception of your business that is stopping new customers from calling and clicking. If it sounds like it could be the plot of some bad movie, unfortunately it is all-to-real for many local small businesses. VTG Business Group offers a complete strategy of building, managing and ultimately marketing your online reputation with services like social-monitoring, online PR, negative-content-filtering and negative content-removal, engagement, social-media content-promotion. Our compilation of Reputation Marketing tools allows us the technology to help you build and promote a positive online profile aimed directly at your target audience in mind.

Your Reputation Isn’t What You Say It Is.  It’s What Google Says It Is…

Have A Reputation Marketing Strategy
We have proven programs that can help you generate natural, authentic 5 star reviews to improve your online reputation. If you already have a 5 star reputation, Great..! We will help you promote it across multiple channels so that you can capitalize on the high levels of service your company provides. And remember, reviews almost always have a direct influence on local search listings. If you want to show up higher on Google or Bing local map listings, then you must support efforts to build and promote your online reviews.
Build 5 Star Reviews On Multiple Sites
Many review sites are important for your business, not just Google and Yelp. We provide Reputation Management and Marketing tools that capture the feedback related to your company from the internet. We help you promote the positive feedback and resolve any negative reviews. It is important for tracking negative feedback or reviews that appear on search engine result pages (SERPs). Not correcting a trend of negative postings could have a significant impact on your store sales and inquiries. Our team can set up and manage the entire Reputation Marketing system as we have all of the technologies necessary to collect the data and make it available for you.
Create Genuine Customer Reviews
Nothing will destroy your reputation quicker than taking shortcuts and posting or promoting faked reviews. We know its tempting for some companies to try and “game” the system. But not only is that unethical, you could end up really damaging your reputation even worse than any original poor reviews did. VTG Business Group can help you drive real reviews from real customers.
Keep Growing Timely 5 Star Reviews
One great review from 5 years ago won’t cut it. Consumers want to know that reviews reflect current conditions at your operation. Even better, recent reviews can also help your organic SEO. This reason alone should be enough to motivate you to promote a constant influx of recent, legitimate reviews.

What We Offer

See Just A Few Of The Ways You Can Use Video To Grow Your Business.

We Help You Build Your Reputation!

  • Design A Strategy To Help You Get Reviews. Long gone are the days of just hoping and praying some good reviews will roll in. We create a plan tailored to your particular business.
  • Set Up & Optimize Accounts In Prominent Review Sites. You might be on Google or Yelp, but there are dozens of important review sites. We help you determine which ones make sense to grow. Then we help you get there.
  • Create A Private Review Page Encouraging Feedback. Even better, this page allows us to capture negative reviews before they are published so that have an opportunity to recover the customer and improve the review.
  • Encourage Reviews To The Sites You Want Most To See Reviews On. Reviews distributed across many reviews sites is important to the success of your online presence. We will help get you there.
  • Train Your Staff On Great Guest Service. This is a critical step for many small businesses that don’t have the time or experience to train line-level employees on customer service.
  • Create A Reputation Oriented Media Center. Now you can create your own printed material to stimulate reviews including Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers, Email Templates and Tabletop Tent Cards.

We Help You Market Your 5 Star Reputation!

  • Automatically Post 5 Star Reviews To Your Social Media Accounts. We can automate the posting of your Five Star Reviews on all your social media sites including Youtube, Facebook, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare, Flikr and Instagram. Just in case you have any other social sites, we can help with those, too.
  • Create And Optimize Video Reviews. Imagine having video reviews posted to video review sites. Take a look at this example.

We Help You Manage Your 5 Star Reputation!

  • Monitor Top Review Sites. We monitor the major review sites for new any reviews. This helps us alert you when there is something new online that affects your business.
  • We Notify You About New Online Reviews. With our software scanning the internet continuously, we can quickly alert you when new reviews appear. Then, you can review them and if you approve, we schedule them to be syndicated across your social media sites.
  • Create A CRM that is Focused On Reviews and Reputation. We keep a database of all reviews so that you can reach out to anyone that has left feedback for your site. Now you can market directly to happy customers and also communicate to any negative feedback and convert that to positive feedback.
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