VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Business Websites

VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Business Websites

Marketing Funnels

Have you heard about “Sales Funnels” or “Marketing Funnels”? Regardless of what you call them, VTG can help your marketing process to convert more prospects into paying customers. The process is a “funnel” where you pour in prospects at the top, and generate some percentage as customers at the end.

Generate 4x ROI Or More With Effective Conversion Funnels.

So, There's Good News & Bad News...

The Good News is that if you have an email address or a website, you have a funnel! The Bad News is that you’re probably missing conversions & sales.

Think of your sales funnel as the sales process that your customers go through in order to buy your service. During this ‘step-by-step process,’ customers hopefully become more and more inclined to buy from you.

Harness The Power Of Marketing Funnels To Grow Your Business

It doesn’t matter whether you sell a service or a product, you already have a conversion funnel in place, even if it’s not good. As your audience moves from getting acquainted with your company, to deciding if they want to work with you, there needs to be a solid process to help you respond to their questions and objections. This is why your conversion funnel is essential.

What Is a Conversion Funnel?

At its core, a conversion funnel is a way to visually “see” how potential customers  become paying customers. Your visitors might be generated through a number of methods like Chatbots, SEO, eMail Marketing Social Media and more. Once you can understand and comprehend your funnel process, then you can begin to make meaningful improvements to it.

How a Customer Sales Funnel Helps You Generate More Sales

First, we will work with you to create your unique conversion funnel that is optimized for your specific business. Then VTG will implement a number of different digital strategies to improve any stage of your conversion funnel.

An effective sales funnel allows you to use some form of automation in one, or more, of the customer activities or lead phases. Those are “Engage”, “Convert” and “Nurture”.

Conversion Funnels

VTG has services to help with conversions regardless of which phase your prospect is in. The “Engage” phase is the first sales funnel activity where we help you keep your prospects interest. We utilize some form of email, chatbot or other marketing activity to spark their interest and promoting relevant content. The “Convert” phase is the middle portion of your sales funnel where engaged visitors and prospects learn more about your product or service. We will help you use benefits-focused, informative marketing tools to help your prospects see how your product solves a problem for them. Educating your interested online visitors with value-added content accomplishes several key digital sales goals:
  • Keeping your online visitors on your website up to four times longer.
  • Positioning you as the market leader
  • Setting an intention to buy, and
  • Creating trust and rapport.
By positioning yourself as the market leader and educating your digital visitors, it is possible to significantly increase the number of prospects that follow through on your calls-to-action and complete your lead forms. As a result, you may notice an increase in sales from your website interactions. The “Nurture” phase occurs after a prospect has become a customer. It may be the most important because keeping a customer is much more cost-effective than finding one. Since they now have some level of trust with you, this is your opportunity to solidify your connection and create more repeat sales.


Services From VTG To Help You "Engage" & Build More Prospects

Think of “engage” as being the top of the funnel. This is where potential new customers find out that you exist. It’s where they determine if you are relevant for their current need or worth exploring. Here, the objective is to create (or raise) your brand awareness. No hard sells here; just exposure, engagement and influence building.


VTG Can Help You Convert More Prospects Into Customers

Converting prospects into customers happens after your initial engagement. Once they have shown interest, your “site visitors” need to become “prospects”, and then become customers. This is where visitors make a final decision about your offer. They decide whether to “buy” or walk away.



VTG Has Strategies To Help You Keep & "Nurture" Customers

Any small business owner will tell you that’s it much less expensive to keep customers than to have to “churn & replace” them. And, over 80% of people surveyed said they would pay more for a better customer experience! 

Need Marketing Funnels..?

We’ve got you covered! Call VTG today and let’s get those conversions poppin’. 

FAQ's About Marketing Funnels

A Marketing Funnel is a way of visualizing the process of a customers journey from their first interaction with your brand to returning as a loyal customer. The end goal of any marketing funnel is to make a sale.

Anytime someone refers to the top of a marketing funnel, they’re referring to creating a “hook” that attracts people to find out more about your product or service. It’s the first step in the process of finding many prospects so that a few of them will become customers.

A landing page first really just a specific web page that is designed to convert prospects into customers. In the case of B2B websites, the goal may be to get someone to fill out a form or call you.

The short answer is “yes” you need a landing page if you ever want to specifically generate traffic and convert visitors into buyers. There are many strategies that can help you turn any page into an effective “landing page”.

Absolutely not. Many landing pages are “free standing” and not directly connected to the parent domain. Businesses use these all the time; it helps them create special landing pages that don’t conflict with the aesthetics of their business website. 

Just as the name implies, a Call-To-Action (CTA) is the process of asking someone to buy. CTA’s can be simple or very complex depending on the client’s needs and the market niche involved.

There is a great deal of data science available that discusses effective CTA’s and better ways to get customers to take action.

Many times, the two phrases are used interchangeably. And for most B2B customers, that’s OK. Most B2B sites have one unifying goal: to contact them and they may use many different strategies to make that happen.

For many retail clients, or those who have many products to sell, those terms are different. A marketing funnel refers to the process of getting someone to visit your site, give you some personal information or otherwise become a prospect.

A “sales funnel” then takes over and directs your prospect through the process of purchasing items and seeks to “add-on” sales. 

First of all, sales funnel leakage is not a bad thing… Not everyone that visits your site can “purchase” from you. So some degree of leakage is very normal.

Leakage occurs when you have prospects that enter your funnel process, but then exit your funnel before buying or taking action.

Especially true for newsletters, many visitors to your site don’t opt-in to your offer. That means you never get their email address and can’t move them further through the funnel.

Have you ever hit “unsubscribe me” from one of the thousands of emails you have received..? That is an example of someone “leaking” out of a sales funnel. VTG works with you to help optimize your funnel to minimize these leaks.

Just remember that ALL funnels will leak.

I jokingly say that automation is the thing that keeps you sane… Imagine if you had to perform every task manually of adding emails to autoresponders like MailChimp. Or even worse, what if you had to send all of your marketing emails one at a time..? Any portion of the process that you can automate, you should consider! it is the lifeblood of a sales funnel.

Sales funnels are designed to be created one time, and then maintained long-term. This allows them to generate business for you 24/7. And since you don’t really want to be awake all the time, automation helps fill the gaps. 

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