Video Marketing For Small Businesses

Video Marketing For Your Business Is More Than Just Smoke & Mirrors…

By the year 2020, Video will be 82% of all consumer traffic on the web. Are You Ready?

Your small business will benefit from video marketing now more than ever. We’ve developed an approach to sharing online video marketing strategies for our clients that result in defining prioritized, cost-effective solutions that deliver a measurable return on investment.

Let VTG Business Group help you maximize your onsite conversions, gain new customers and expand your reach on Social Media platforms.

A Good Video Doesn’t Have To Be A Major Production

We Create Video Solutions That Are Affordable, Effective And Sharable

Videos Can Engage Viewers

Did you know that people process visual information 60,000 times faster than they process what they read? VTG can help you create a strategy to share your brand on the web & accross social media. This helps you better engage with your customers and prospects.

Videos Can Build Trust

Video helps you let your light shine. A video that Allows your customers see you and your business is one of the fastest ways to help them learn to trust you. People like the fact that video allows them to become familiar with any person they are considering working with.

Videos Can Improve Sales

Video really helps you convert prospects into customers. Adding a product or service video to your website (or social media channel) can boost your conversion rates by as much as 80%. Video is easy for people to consume. It takes much less effort to watch rather than read.

See How Video Can Help Your Small Busisness

Here Are A Few Ways You Can Use Video To Grow Your Business.

Tell A Story With Video!

Videos can tell a story in a humorous or light-hearted way and help you promote your business. It can become highly sharable and bring your message to many more potential customers than you may have first thought. Video is reliable; it never sleeps and doesn’t take the day off. If you’re interested, we’ve got you covered. We’ll handle getting your videos in front of your customers and help you soar.

Build and Promote Customer Reviews!

We can produce and syndicate professional 5 Star review videos. VTG can publish this on your website and also syndicate it through Social Media channels. The Result? More potential customers see the review on Facebook, Twitter and other places. Once they view it, potential customers can easily click through straight to your website. So in addition to the enhanced credibility you get, it also becomes a vehicle to push more prospects to your site.

Produce Your Own Online Commercials

Use an affordable custom video to generate your own commercials. These become excellent ways to share your brand with the world. Once produced, we will help you distribute them across multiple syndication channels so that more people are exposed to your business and your website..

Generate Leads For Your Company

A one minute video can often generate more leads than a lot of written content. We help you create a point of difference between you and all your competitors.Video is an excellent medium for short messages. These videos can be produced with “live” action, or in an animated or whiteboard style depending on your needs. Call now for more details.

Promote Social Media Channels

Video is a great strategy to support or build the Social Media presence of your company. Videos like the ones on this page can help drive traffic to your page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other sites. When used on your social media sites, videos are a compelling way to drive traffic to your primary website. Videos are an excellent Call-To-Action. These are some examples of “outro’s” that can be added to all of your videos to support your social media presence.

Use For Product or Service Explainer Videos

Video can help you visually explain services, products and concepts easily. Explainer style videos are exceptional at clearly communicating your brand message to potential customers. If you add a Call To Action at the end of these videos, you have a great lead generation tool.

We Create Custom Intros For You

We can make your videos stand apart with custom intros and outro’s. These custom clips at the beginning or end of your videos give them a professional and polished look. We work with you to find a style that is complimentary to your local business and industry.

Personalized Videos For Facebook Marketing

VTG can help you create Facebook Videos that are customized for each individual Facebook viewer. Your company can now send personalized branding messages to each person that views your Facebook videos. To see an example, just sign in with your Facebook credentials. This can be a game-changer for your company.

Ready For Your Close Up?

arlington texas video marketing production for small businessFluffy is. She knows it’s her moment to shine. Think your business would benefit from having some time in the spotlight too..? Then the rest is easy! Just reach 0ut to us by Email, Phone, Skype, Smoke Signal, whatever we will get started immediately on helping you outdistance your competition in your local market & niche.

Rather meet in person? No problem. We can come to you so that we get a better sense of your operation and how VTG Business Group might be able to help.