Exclusive Leads For Your Business

Lots of customers are looking for reliable products and services everyday. And you may do very well with them once you make contact. But what about all those other customers that you never were able to reach? How much potential revenue did you miss in your local market? This is where Exclusive Leads comes in. VTG Business Group works with select local companies to help them drive more top line sales growth by making their phone ring with fresh, exclusive leads. All Lead Generation Programs are client specific. No leads are ever shared between multiple clients. This pay-for-performance model can work very well for business operators who need to focus on production but still need to generate fresh exclusive leads.

Where Are The Fresh Leads Today?

There are new customers in your area today. Let us help you find them.

How Does VTG’s Lead Generation Services Work?

We remove the hunting and guesswork. Because we are client and market specific, each campaign is unique. The objective is to make your phone ring with leads that are interested in buying your service now. Once we make the phone ring, we can even help you with your conversion rates if you need them to be higher. Here are some of the aspects of our program:

We Offer Custom Solutions For Your Business

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Guaranteed Number Of Calls

We use a multi-channel approach and strategies specific to your business and industry. All geared towards one thing: Make The Phone Ring with prospects that are interested in buying today. Once we determine your objectives, we will work with you to determine a guaranteed call-lead number.

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Calls From Real Prospects

Using our advanced Call Tracking System, we monitor the calls you receive to make sure they meet your criteria. In short, they must be for a service you offer in your market area. We do not count calls from robo-dialers, sales people or from customers outside your market area. Full reporting is available to you.

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Exclusive Leads

Leads are never shared. Each call is straight from a customer to you. These prospects are interested in your service and have picked up the phone to call you directly. We target your geographic area. So if you’re a Plumber in Des Moines, you won’t get a call from a homeowner in Seattle.

We Make The Phone Ring
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We help generate fresh, new calls from people with the intent to buy. Complete reports are furnished to you to track results so you always know where your leads are coming from.

We Work Through Mulitple Channels
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We regularly use multi-channels to maximize your lead results. Part of our “secret sauce” is knowing where to get you the greatest return on your lead investment.

We Help You Measure Call Performance
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Getting the leads is A great start – but we take you further. We can furnish you with the ability to monitor missed calls and review the actual calls themselves to ensure your staff is handling each lead the way you would want it done. We even help with sales “scripts” or talking points, if you need it, to make sure your staff converts every possible lead.

Let’s Get That Crack Sales Force More Demos..!

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Your team probably does a great job once they get in front of real live customers… VTG can help you make that happen. We can’t promise all the prospects we find will be as attentive as this lady, but we’ll do our best.

Just reach out to VTG Business Group and we will get started developing new, exclusive leads for your company.