VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Business Websites

VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Business Websites

Lead Generation

If your business model is to wait until customers to come to you, you could be waiting a long time. Let VTG help you improve your prospecting & lead outreach.

Exclusive Leads For Your Business

Lots of customers are looking for reliable products and services everyday. And you may do very well with them once you make contact. But what about all those other customers that you never were able to reach? How much potential revenue did you miss in your local market? This is where Exclusive Leads comes in. VTG Business Group works with select local companies to help them drive more top line sales growth by making their phone ring with fresh, exclusive leads. All Lead Generation Programs are client specific. No leads are ever shared between multiple clients. This pay-for-performance model can work very well for business operators who need to focus on production but still need to generate fresh exclusive leads.

More Customers

Spend More Time Seeing Customers Let us help find you the leads you need to make more sales. You will be more productive when you can spend more time serving your customers in the marketplace.

How Does VTG’s Lead Generation Services Work?

Lead generation is a great way to jump-start the sales process and build your customer pipeline. VTG can help you build leads for many areas. The processes used can include email marketing, automated marketing, social media advertising, client-specific marketing sites or direct dial voice drop leads. Each campaign is specific to each client and usually incorporates several different methods of increasing prospect marketing including improved search engine results, content marketing, cold-calls, advertisements, digital sales, event marketing, or sales and referrals targeted at existing customers. Our objective is always to ultimately generate high quality leads that have the potential to become a current customer.

Make The Phone Ring

We use a multi-channel approach and strategies specific to your business and industry. All geared towards one thing: Make The Phone Ring with prospects that are interested in buying today. Once we determine your objectives, we will work with you to determine a guaranteed call-lead number.

Each campaign is specific to that client and is optimized for them. During our planning phase, we will discuss your objectives and arrive at some guaranteed campaign parameters.

Get Real Peospects

Using our advanced Call Tracking System, we monitor the calls you receive to make sure they meet your criteria. In short, they must be for a service you offer in your market area. We do not count calls from robo-dialers, sales people or from customers outside your market area. Full reporting is available to you. More On Prospects

We take a multi-faceted approach to generate real prospects. And, we track their phone calls or response rate to make certain we are generating the results you need.

Exclusive Leads

Leads are never shared among multiple customers. Each call is straight from a customer to you. These prospects are interested in your service and have picked up the phone to call you directly. We target your geographic area. So if you’re a Plumber in Des Moines, you won’t get a call from a homeowner in Seattle.

Since each campaign is set up for each client, all leads are exclusive. We never work with more than one client in the same geographic service area.

Expect Results

Every client and project from VTG is treated with great respect. And, each project from us has a few things in common. Not because they are easy but because they are the right things to do. These “details” help you get the results you expect from a lead gen campaign. After all, this is your company we’re presenting to your clients.

You Need Leads..?

Let’s get those sales reps out of your hair and out in the field so they can help you drum up more sales!

Frequently Asked Questions About Lead Gen

In the scope of digital marketing, lead generation focuses on getting prospects to visit, or call, your website with the intention to make a purchase. Normally, people will declare their interest in you by sharing something like an email address, a completing a form, a Like on Facebook or an @ mention on Twitter, a download of your free app or guide. After that, as long as you have a way to communicate with them, they’re considered a lead.

In its broadest scope, it might be. If the ads include some form of direct response mechanism with the offer or message. If you think about it, most B2C advertising exists to generate some other form of action like a visit to a shop or showroom, choosing a specific brand when at the grocery store. Lead generation is more aligned with B2B marketing where we are cultivating an interest with a known company and a known decision maker or influencer within that company. We may try to qualify the lead further to make sure they are sales ready.

It is, and It does! This isn’t a fad. Lead Gen is here to stay because it is intelligent & logical. Inbound Marketing ROI has been demonstrated over & over. Effective lead gen can be less expensive and more efficient than traditional outbound marketing methods.

Every niche and company is different, so It’s difficult to say how long it will take to see results including roi. Leads can start being generated fairly quickly. From there, each sales-cycle is different. It’s important to understand that lead gen is not designed to be a quick fix or a short-term solution.

In reality, lead gen is a part of both sales and marketing. While most leads are generated through some kind of marketing, they are generated to help drive sales and increase business opportunities. Some larger companies can have mild hostility and tension between the sales and marketing teams. This can be down to a crossover of roles and responsibilities, disagreement of methods, a lack of communication, or unaligned strategies.

Lead gen is a critical piece in generating new sales opportunities and growing your business. Unless you have some form of lead gen, your company may struggle to keep up with your primary competitors who are regularly engaging with your prospects. In addition to keeping up a steady supply of new business, lead gen allows companies the ability to stay in touch with their market, build brand awareness, and grow their database of prospects and potential clients.

With lead gen, there is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy. Every business is different and the approach that one business may take to lead gen may not work very well for another business. There are many varieties of lead gen strategies that businesses commonly use across many industries. Inbound lead gen relies primarily on reactive marketing, where you target your audience with your marketing and wait for them to take action with you. Outbound lead gen is a little more proactive, and usually involves direct contact between yourself and your potential new customers. This contact can be over the phone, through email or face-to-face at trade shows.

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