GTMetrix Website Performance Tool

Van Glass, Design & Marketing, Arlington Texas
May 1, 2016

GTmetrix is a free tool that grades your website’s speed.

Not only does GTmetrix provide your page speed, but it will also analyze around 30 different ways to improve your website’s speed and performance. You’ll even see your website’s YSlow grade.

Speed is a crucial aspect in providing a pleasant user experience to visitors of your site. It ensures that a visitor’s limited attention span and time are spent on actual content and not wasted waiting for images and scripts to load. Studies have shown that users will not tolerate more than a 4 second load time. If your site fails to offer a quick response, your users will leave.

In terms of SEO, Google is using Page Speed score in its ranking algorithm. As developers and marketers look to optimize their sites, page speed should be among the top optimizations to consider.

If you notice from the Blog Image, that the same site has two separate grades. 96% “A” grade from Google Page Speed, and an 89% “B” grade from YSlow. If your YSlow score is lower, it probably means that the YSlow system is not smart enough. They can’t always detect your CDN if you use one. You have to define the CDNs vs. Google automatically detecting them. If you test your own site, it shows all the things you need to work on based on the priority level. In our case, it was code issues that YSlow prefers to see handled differently. The best part is when you click on the tab, it tells you exactly which lines of code could be changed.

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