VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Business Websites

VTG Creates Amazing Unique Faster Business Websites

Check Your Website

VTG always leads with value, so we have made a few website health checks available. Just select the checkup you want to perform, answer a few questions and we will take it from there. 

Of course, if you have any questions about your results, don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation. 

So What Can I Check..?

We can check just about anything and everything that relates to your website. If you’re curious about something, just ask. For near instant checks, we have listed the more popular one’s below. Just find one or more checks you want to perform, and get after it. As soon as the results are compiled, we will email you the results free of charge.

Website Audit

With this test, we will check some of the technical aspects of your website and forward you the recap. For any areas that concern you, we are happy to get you more information if you desire.

Online Visibility

Ever wondered if you are listed correctly on the most important web directories..? Just leave a little information here and we will email you the results of your online visibility check.

Internet Speed Test

You probably know that a slow website hurts your traffic. Sometimes you can't tell if your slow website is due to the site being slow, or if it's your internet connection. Let us check it for you!

Keyword Audit

Keywords are very important to the search health of your website. Are you sure you are targeting the right ones? What about your competitors? What keywords are they targeting?

Competitor's Ads

Want to know what kind of display ads your competitors are running on Facebook or Google? We can check it and show you a copy to help you improve your own advertising results..

Market Exploration

Have you ever wondered if your entire industry is growing or not? If it is, which segments are growing the fastest? We can make sure you are up-to-speed with the latest search trends..

Expect A Better Website

Regardless of who we are working with, we build each website to it’s highest standards. We do this because it’s the right thing to do, not the easy thing to do. After all, this is your website we’re presenting to the world.

Check Yourself !

We’ve got easy, online tools to check the health of your website. You don’t even have to say ahhh…

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Website Technical Audit

Easily find out about the health of your website! Just fill out the information on the form and we will email you the results as quickly as the analysis is complete.

Internet Speed Test

Just click the blue ‘play’ button to perform an upload / download speed test. form and we will email you the results as quickly as they are available.

Keyword Audit

Just fill out the information on the form and we will email you the results as quickly as they are available.

Your Competitor's Ads

Just give us the domain names of your top competitors and we will check and find their most successful display advertising on Facebook, Google, etc. This is a great way for you to see what is working and improve your own Ad results.

Market Exploration

With a little information, we can check the search trends for your industry. This will help spot which segments are growing fastest, and which competitors are getting the largest share of the search traffic.

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