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Custom graphics allow you to create a consistent image all across the web. All media sizes and social channel sizing supported.

When online advertising and social media marketing first started it was pretty simple to present a unified brand identity of your company. There were only a few social networks and just a few standard image sizes to keep up with. Not any longer! In 2017, many small businesses need custom graphics to be active on many channels like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and Google+, just to name a few.

Before you even start thinking about posting, you have to ensure your business looks the same on all of the varied social networks that you participate with. Every social network supports different image layouts. This makes it very hard and time consuming for the average business owner to present the same look across each social channel.

We Can Help

Unify Your Branding

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Same Ad - Different Sizes

It doesn’t matter what type of custom graphics you need. So, whether its for Online Ads, Website Posts, Social Media Posts, Social Media Ad, Video Thumbnail, etc. We can design a high quality graphic that will translate from one size to the next and still present the same viewer experience.

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Match Your Website Stlye

We can create online ads, banners or other custom graphics that match the look and feel of your business website. So, this enables you to create branding consistency no matter where your graphics are shown or what size.

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Instant Recognition

Whether your custom graphics are for Social Media cover images or blog posts, your customers and prospects will easily be able to recognize the style as yours. So, better recognition can help you out-distance your competition.

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Do Your Customers Know What They’re Looking At..?

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Let us help make sure your customers easily understand your advertising graphics. We will help you present your brand in a way that connects with your target audience.

Just reach out to VTG Business Group and we will get started developing new, exclusive graphics for you.