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Thank You for visiting the VTG Business Group Site. We Help Small Businesses Find More Prospects, Customers and Generate More Sales. Start Growing Your Business Today.

Thank You for visiting this site. VTG Business Group works specifically with locally owned businesses to help them add prospects, grow customers and generate more sales. Based in Arlington, TX – right in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex – our company offers Web based solutions as well as practical, “in-the-trenches” help with all aspects of the Sales Cycle and Customer Retention Strategies. Unlike a lot of other companies in the ethos, we have vast amounts of recent experience actually running business sales organizations and having daily responsibility for generating revenues, and growing our revenues. You can read more about who we are & all the things we offer by following the links provided on this page. We always welcome your calls or emails. And, unless we are with another client, your call will be answered by a real-live human being..!

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How Do I Grow My Sales Or Add More Customers?

That’s a question most business operators face repeatedly during their careers. A better question might be “What are the most cost-effective ways to reach the revenue goals I have for my business”..? You know every business is different. Every opportunity to improve results is different as well. The solutions that would work best for a Restaurant operator who needs to drive traffic to a fixed location at specific times are very different from the needs of a builder, for example, that may need to generate more web/phone inquiries and improve dwell time on his or her website in order to convert more prospects to buyers. That’s where we come in. VTG Business Group can work with you to determine what will work best for you “organically”. Meaning, We need to determine how you currently operate, what, if any, changes you are comfortable making, and where exactly you want to go.THEN we can start to determine the best solutions to help you reach the goals you have identified.

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How Can VTG Business Group Help My Business?

You’ve probably heard the old adage that “a well-defined problem is half of the solution”. We tend to agree with that statement. So we start with a free consultation. When we make contact, we will gather some basic information about your business including what you perceive the shortfalls are and your general goals for your desired outcome. We will conduct our own due-diligence to gather more facts & information so that we can outline areas in which we can help you. We will also gather any information about issues outside of our scope-of-work and make you aware of those, too. Once we have all the facts and figures ready, we will contact you to review them. This can be done in person, by phone, skype, online meetings, etc (whatever works best for you). At this second meeting we will be able to present you with hard data-points, costs, benefits, etc. By the end of our second meeting you should have a very clear outline of our plan of action.

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What Exactly Can VTG Business Group Help Me With?

Your local business has both an on-line identity as well as a local, physical presence. Depending on your industry, you may need improvement in one area much more than the other. Or you may have better opportunities to cost effectively grow with concentration in one area or the other. Maybe you need help in both. We offer custom-tailored Internet marketing solutions based on practical, real-world experience. Generally, our services fall into one of three categories; “On-page” work like web design & SEO; “Off-page” work such as directory inclusion, videos, blogs, reputation management and “Direct Promotion” such as Sales Presentations, field collateral material, Key Account Strategies, Customer Loyalty, etc. In short, we can be a one-stop solution to help synergize your sales & marketing efforts and expenditures in order to maximize your return on investment. Let us help you coordinate your efforts and maximize your yield.

On-page solutions are those that revolve around your website, how well it shows up on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. We offer professional, cost effective options that will improve your brand and positioning in these areas. It makes sense that if someone is looking for a service like yours online, you need to show up quickly & professionally when they are looking online to buy. You may have many questions surrounding all the buzzwords like “SEO”, “backlinking” “latent semantic indexing”, etc. Don’t get overwhelmed in the minutia. We will cover all the options with you and help determine where your time, effort and money will be best invested.
Depending on your business & industry, off-page strategies may be critically important to improving your sales & revenues. Some businesses need a strong Social Media presence. Some do very well using demo and explainer videos to drive traffic to their doors. How about directories..? You might be surprised to learn how many are out there. Is your presence consistent across all these entries..? Have you checked for mistakes, exclusions, etc? What about opportunities for free PR? Some professionals use Blogs to improve their customer base. Why do you think so many lawyers & doctors take the time to answer questions “free” on so many internet forums..? Could it be because at least a few times a month that drives more business to their doors?
Some businesses have great foot and phone traffic. They have plenty of prospects but lack the ability to convert more of these into buyers. Our background is in the “real world” of face-to-face sales and sales training and this is where we shine. Regardless of how many, or few, prospects you have we can help you convert more of those into buyers and help your front line staff improve customer service skills. THAT puts money in your pocket.

Why Choose VTG Business Group?

  • Like you, we are a small business also. We understand what it takes for the “little guy” to compete in this economy.
  • You deal with a decision-maker. No multi-layered bureaucracy.
  • Custom solutions designed by people that have “real world” business experience just like you.
  • A “one-stop-shop” that can synergize your sales efforts to maximize your ROI.
  • Ongoing support to ensure you reach your goals.